slave namaste and I have been asked and we’ve accepted the invitation to stand as contestants for the title of Southwest Master and slave 2010, to be held in January at SouthWest Leather Conference in Phoenix Arizona. It is quite humbling to be asked to compete and we are both looking forward to the challenge! 

For more information on this endeavor please go to the “M/s contest”  page!

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  1. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for you guys. I believe in you both and would be proud to have you as “official” representives of our community
    good luck,
    jewel/slave to Janus

  2. You both inspire me. Even though you might not know it. When I read something y’all have written, my soul is touched deeply. It causes me to think and wonder how I can be a better person. That I’m thankful God has sent me a messagetohelp or heal my soul. Thank you both for things you do without knowing. I’m deeply greatful

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