For the Love of Our Men

i love Men. i have brothers, uncles, sons, and of course my Beloved Lord and Master. i believe in their Strength, Masculinity, Presence, Intelligence, Spirituality, Their uniquely Male way of doing things. I believe in the worlds need for Men.

i love women, i  am a woman -i have sisters, aunts, daughters and friends. i believe in our Strength, Femininity, Presence, Intelligence, Spirituality, our uniquely Female way of doing things. i believe in the worlds need for Women.

And yet it seems that by and large we don’t love each other. We don’t value our differences. We don’t seem to believe in our intrinsic need  for each other.

Yes i said NEED. The reality is that no matter our independence, our strength, how “bad-ass” we think we are, we can not survive as a species without each other.

We frequently hear about the oppression of women, about the Patriarchy and how women have suffered at the hands of men. As we reclaim our Voices as women – as we step into our Power it seems that we are building upon breaking the Backs of our Men. As a gender how can we possibly create empowerment on a negative. The negative and limiting belief of Us- vs- Them.

Instead of being oppressed have we begun to oppress?
Instead of being disempowered – have we begun to dis-empower?

i’ve begun to slowly test the waters, to mention this subtle and yes, very disturbing trend of emasculation in our society. Amazingly many women i speak to about this are adamant that it’s not occurring.  That we as women are in fact the the only aggrieved party, the only casualties of this continual Battle of the Sexes.  i know as women we get knee-jerky about this. We don’t want to hear it really. We feel we have a right to this- to being angry, to giving a sort of “turn about” to the male gender.. . But what’s the reality?  i’d like to do a bit of an exploration as to how this turn about is taking place, in the media, in the legal system, in families.

Example number one:

Why is it that typically on television and in the movies whenever there is a relationship issue – the Man is the one asked to leave the household? As if by definition the woman has more “right” to the home than He does? What the heck is that all about?


This is not just in the media – i’ve seen this happen quite a bit in reality as well. Relationship ends, man leaves the home. The home He’s paying for, the home He’s built the home He share’s legal responsibility for- so on what basis does she say “Get out!”?  And why does He comply?

Seems terribly one sided to me.