It’s Finally Here!!! – The Spiral Path: Dynamic Sustainability Intensive for P/E Relationships

The long awaited P/E Weekend Intensive is here! This intensive COMES TO YOU! If you’d like to set up a weekend in your area contact us for details!!

The Spiral Path: Dynamic Sustainability Intensive for P/E Relationships – by Master Obsidian and slave namaste

You have the dynamic of your dreams, hopes and desires – now what? How do you sustain and maintain it?  How do you create a workable relationship that stays, viable, fresh, rewarding and delicious at 5,10, 20  years or more?

Welcome to The Spiral Path. In this Intensive weekend retreat we will explore the Foundation of sustainable Power Exchange and how the various elements can support and feed each other creating a virtually self-sustaining dynamic which meets the needs of those on both sides of the slash. Participants will learn how to create a lifestyle that works with, rather than against their natures, using intense and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless busy work. Utilizing interactive principles the relationship is elevated and Life is integrated producing a brilliant, faceted whole, rather than treating the P/E dynamic as an isolated entity.

This Intensive weekend is created for those living in or seeking to live within a power exchange dynamic including M/s, D/s, O/p and others. Whatever stage your P/E relationship is in – planning, infancy, adolescence or senior season you will find this weekend engaging, informative and practical.

Part Retreat, Part Workshop Intensive, Part Playground this weekend includes:

  • Inspiring Teaching
  • Open Dialogue
  • Worksheets
  • Taking it from theory to reality
  • Creation of a personal P/E Household Handbook

Topics include:

  • Second Sight – Seeing your dynamic and each other with new eyes
  • Dynamic Preservation – Learning to store and use resources to sustain the relationship
  • The Tortoise and the Hare- the secret to winning the race
  • What is Pac-Man syndrome, and how do you correct it?
  • Yes! you can live on the edge – Investing in sustainable intensity
  • and more!