Masters – What’s in Your Discard Pile?

Masters – as we approach the end of another year, I find myself focusing more and more on the notion of ‘out with the old, in with the new’.  Many of us have been through some ‘Interesting Times’ this year.  The end of the year is a time when we are reminded of the constancy of change and of what is truly important in our lives. As the final days of 2013 approach, what is changing within you? More importantly, what do you need to get rid of?

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Nearly every functional system has built within it a way to discard that which no longer serves.  A card game, our bodily systems, an household, an automobile, a corporation – all get rid of the things that once used, no longer serve the system in a contributory fashion and therefore must be discarded.  As you approach the end of this year, what do you have in your life and relationship right now that you have been holding onto that you now realize should be discarded or thrown away?

Why put things on the Discard Pile? Basically whatever the thing is – whether its a belief or conviction, a bad memory, a job you despise or even a particular person – if the energy of that thing irritates you, drains you or makes you feel bad or is just a sluggish lump in your world that you keep working around because you feel you need it but have forgotten exactly why… throw it out, give it away, sell it, let it go, move on.  Perhaps its time for you to finally move out from under the corporate umbrella and start that business you’ve been thinking about doing forever – time to put that job on the discard pile.  Old books you have no intention of reading, tools you no longer use, sporting equipment you no longer feel enthusiastic over…whatever it is, if it no longer serves your system or fits within your vision, you need to get it out of your circle.

How Getting Rid of Stuff Makes you a Better Master

You cannot put more into a cup that is already full. When you ‘clear the decks’ so to speak, you make room in your experience for the new, for Whatever is Next – you may not know exactly what the next thing is, but its almost a certainty that you will not move confidently toward it if your arms are still metaphorically full of That Which No Longer Serves You.  Most importantly, your Dominance and Mastery requires energy – lots of it. Holding on to things, whether they are outmoded ideas, ideologies, people, relationships or physical items requires an expenditure of your energy in one form or another.  Getting rid of energy drains leaves MORE energy for you to use toward the things that really matter. In these final days of 2013 – take a look around,  get rid of some stuff – let it pass from your hands into the waiting arms of someone that will see the value in it and has been waiting, hoping and praying for something just like THAT to show up. What are you putting on the discard pile this year? Share it below!!!!

Rule well.

Master Obsidian