A turn of phrase

I love words.

Periodically I come across a turn of phrase or 2 that really speak to me deeply – usually I’m able to tweek them in such a way as to use them practically in our dynamic.


Most recently has been “I serve at the pleasure of the President” from Scandal i tweeked that to “I serve at the pleasure of my Master” which is to say I can do nothing AGAINST or CONTRARY to His will. Everything I do is in alignment with and for the purpose of the actualization of His will in the Earth. And while I could very well say just that- making it “At the pleasure of” gives my mouth a jolt of joy as it rolls off my tongue and ascribes a bit of formality and even reverence that makes it much more yummy to me.

Another phrase is “Your slightest wish is my most severe command” – I love the sound of it and the sentiment. I’ve added it to my meditations, affirmations and mantras. “And May the merest wish of Master become my most sever command”  – this takes the desire to accomplish His will from being something done only under STRONG urging – to something that the soul and spirit leap to manifest, seek to embody. It’s another take on a common phrase around here “Be it unto me according to Your will”

These things though they seem small and perhaps insignificant make all the difference for me. Even all of these years later, still finding the pleasure and the sweet in the dynamic. Still applying to it the desire to learn, to evolve and to make it Blissful.  May it ever be so.

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