What if I told you that you could change your life and improve your relationship for one incredibly inexpensive price?  With the All Access Membership – you get everything….and we are just getting started.  2014 is going to be an amazing year – be sure to get in on the ground floor with this special bundled price on – we will continue to add new classes and amazing new content to the site this year and as the classes get added, the price for ALL ACCESS is going to go up! With seven online classes (minimum!) in 2014, that amounts to a ridiculous $11.28 per class…(compared to 700-1200 to travel to a conference to see one class?) Check the math!

For $79 you will get ALL of our classes (present and future) on Power and Surrender for an entire year for one affordable rate!!!

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What else do you get with an ALL ACCESS membership?!?

ALL Classes (current and future) for one year. All classes are online, pre-recorded and include videos and worksheets as well as downloadable audio files of all class content. You can work through them as quickly or as swiftly as you desire, whenever you desire!  (scroll down for descriptions)

  • Access to all BONUSES to help your relationship in addition to guest classes and articles by amazing, kick-ass women and men designed to help you rock your Power Exchange Relationship with Passion and Power!

  • Access to Members Only Private Forum

  • Invitation-Only Webinars and more!

  • At our regular prices of 47 each for just these 7 classes you would pay 376.00 – the current prices for both the individual classes and the ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP are only going to be offered for a limited time  –  as we add additional classes this special bundled price is going to go up.  So say yes before the price goes up – you lock in your cost per-class at less than $12 each!!!

(note: Obsidian & namaste are serious about ethical, principle based marketing. This means that we will NEVER: 1. Sell your address. 2 share your personal information with anyone, OR 3. Play funky sales games with you e.g., ‘the sky is falling! prices are rising!!!’ just to get your $$ – adding classes increases the overall value of the bundle, so prices will be adjusted upward as classes are added!)

Make 2014 your year of Living a fully embodied life of Pleasure, Passion and Purpose!

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Now featuring the following classes;

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Dominance and The Inner Critic

We all have that voice inside, the one that can take anything about ourselves or something that we did or something we plan to do and transform it into something terribly wrong or bad. That inner dialogue that shows up just as we are about to embark on a new project or challenge. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us consciously and unconsciously all the time. When our inner voice becomes toxic, it can have a crippling effect on Dominance, ultimately impairing the strength and vitality of M/s or Dom/sub relationships. You aren’t your thoughts – but your thoughts do affect how you feel about yourself. You aren’t your feelings – but how you feel about yourself is vital to your sense of well-being. You ARE on the other hand what you believe. Dominance and the Inner Critic has been created to help you believe differently about yourself and begin thinking clearly about yourself and feeling good about YOU. Its your time – stop suffering and embrace your awesomeness!!! Begin creating the life you want, today.

The Winter of Our Discontent

Conflict is inevitable. It is part of the human condition – but there is hope for the wounded Power  softwareboxright (11)Exchange Relationship. No matter who you are or what your background is – at some point you are going to come into conflict with someone you’re in relationship with.  The pain of serious relationship conflict can motivate us to seek relief in ways that are inadequate or even harmful to the fundamental needs of the Power Exchange dynamic. When faced with discord many relationships implode under the weight of discussion, or suffer in silence through chronic conflict avoidance. Frequently, explosive confrontations are the damaging result of frustration on both sides, or people just give up and go their separate ways, only to repeat the same patterns in the next relationship. We created The Winter of Our Discontent for anyone that has experienced conflict in their P/e relationship to help them get on top of the issues and get on the path toward healing.  Remember when things were good between you? Get it back – you deserve to be happy. 

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 Practical Protocol and Ritual

Here’s how Practical Protocols and Rituals will instantly help make your dynamic fun and exciting;

  • First – you save a stack of $$$$ by taking this class online that hundreds of people have paid over 1000.00 a person to attend during a conference weekend  (travel costs+registration+hotel+food)
  • Learn the secret of surprising ways to incorporate protocol and ritual into your relationship at zero cost – using household items you already have.
  • Enjoy the convenience of accessing the program any time of day or night – no matter how busy you are.
  • Dominants – enjoy the knowledge and security of having a never-ending stream of excellent ideas and practices at your command that can recharge and deepen your power exchange relationship.
  • Experience the beauty and pleasure of having a literal ‘secret language’ that the two of you can share in any social situation – you will never have to ‘put your power exchange relationship on hold’ again around non-lifestyle people.
  • Crack the code of creating Relationship Protocols that are uniquely yours – and are also practical and repeatable
  • Secret protocol based upon ancient principles that uses your personal energy field to infuse your food with health and vitality!!!
  • Uncover the hidden feedback loop that feeds both Dominant and submissive that is activated through the use of Protocol.
  • Resonance – how to use this concept to inspire and invigorate your relationship through Protocol and Ritual
  • How to eliminate guesswork and uncertainty using the pleasure principle
  • Learn how to use Protocol and Ritual to take your relationship to the next level.
  • And much more!!!


PLUS ALL of these Additional Classes for 2014!!!!!


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