Protection Vs Consideration

What is a Protector?

Main Entry: jux•ta•po•si•tion Pronunciation: “j&k-st&-p&-’zish-&n Function: noun : the act or an instance ofplacing two or more things side by side; also : the state of being so placed —jux•ta•pose /’j&k-st&-”pOz/ transitive verb -posed; -pos•ing Things so placed may be similar and have similar characteristics…but that doesn’t make them identical.

The act of juxtaposition is supposed to help us identify those subtleties, perhaps bring them into the light in such a way that we come away from the discussion with a very clear understanding of what we are talking about. What I’d like to juxtapose today are two lifestyle terms – consideration vs protection.

A Protector can be an advocate, caretaker, champion, defender, guard, guardian, shield, or supporter – these labels are descriptive. A Protector can be all or some of these at different times depending on the circumstances. It is my belief that a slave under the Protection of a House or Master may experience all these different facets of that relationship at different times during the duration that the slave retains the Protected status.

Someone under Consideration on the other hand is experiencing an extended courtship period in my estimation. The definition of consideration points out that the act of consideration is the act of applying careful thought; meditation or deliberation to a subject. Most often the person under consideration is being considered by the Master or Mistress as a prospect for a deeper relationship. In many cases ownership or collaring is the outcome, and often the goal either overtly stated or impiled of a period of Consideration between Dominant and submissive.

Occaisionally I’ve noted situations in the kink community where the terms Consideration and Protection are used interchangeably. It is my belief that this practice should be avoided whenever possible so we can maintain as a community a shared language of understanding regarding different practices.

Protection and Consideration of slaves or submissives are two very different relationships and should be approached as such.


How are relationships or ‘collars’ of protection and consideration similar?

In both situations the slave or submissive in question place themselves under the authority of the Master or Dominant.
The Master or Dominant assumes authority over the submissive or slave.
There may even be a public or semi-public announcement of the status change of the slave or submissive, sometimes a token of relationship status is given to the slave, e.g. a physical collar of protection or collar of consideration.
Duration – there may be a specified time period the slave is under the condition of consideration or protection. For a slave under the protection of House Obsidian, the time period is a year and one day, or until the slave establishes a relationship with a different Master, whichever comes first.
There may be other areas of similarity, these are just a few for illustration.


What are some basic differences between consideration and protection?

While there may be many small differences, the two major areas of difference in my opinion fall under the headings of Intimacy and Sceneing. Again, this like anything else here is what I personally advocate – its not The Only Way or the One True Way…just what I’ve found works for me in House Obsidian.

No intimacy – slaves under the protection of House Obsidian are not sexually intimate with Master or others within My House. I believe that physical intimacy leads to bonding and what we are trying to do with the Protector/protected relationship is to provide a supportive environment for the unattached or uncollared slave to explore other relationship possibilities from the relative safety of an established House, not provide conditions for that slave to bond to myself or other slaves within House Obsidian in such a way that would inhibit them from establishing their new relationship with their future Master or Mistress.
No scening – I do not scene with those under my Protection, for the bonding reasons as specified above, but also because the energy sharing and subsequent cathartic release often generated through sceneing can leave both Master and slave or submissive in a metaphysically vulnerable state.
Transparency is critical to a successful relationship of this kind. The protected is privy to information about the House of the Protector to a much greater degree then a casual acquaintance. That level of information sharing is a two way street. In order for the Master or Mistress to do an adequate job of handling the responsibility of protecting a submissive they need to know and trust the person as well – just like they want to be known and trusted. The energy that I seek in this relationship as a Protector is familial, but more of an Elder Brother to little sister or Mentor/mentee energy instead of the rawness of Male/female or Dominant/submissive.
Best interest/Highest intention – As a foundation, its important that I as Master have the submissives or slave’s best interests at heart and truly desire and encourage that the slave establish good relationships external to this Protecting House. It is my belief that sharing scene energy can ultimately make things difficult and confusing for the slave and for the Master, blurring lines and leading to future difficulties.
Now that we’ve explored a little of the differences between Protection and Consideration, Im going to include the text of a sample article or memorandum of understanding that we use in House Obsidian for slaves or submissives that are seeking to be under Protected status.
Master Obsidian

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