Memorandum of Understanding for Protection

Memorandum of Understanding

As you are under protection of House Obsidian, first and foremost I want you to feel comfortable here and to also feel that both I and my House support you in your journey and have your best interests at heart. While a Protector can be many things, it is not my desire to be a hall monitor, chaperone or traffic cop or matchmaker.

I recognize and fully understand the autonomy of adults in the scene and while my expectation is that people will govern themselves properly, the reality of what we face these days in our communities is that sometimes people don’t always conduct themselves the way that they should. That said, in my role as Protector I will not be looking to scene or intimacy with a slave under my protection.

Why is Protection necessary? It is my belief that slaves or submissives that are not in an active D/s or M/s relationship can sometimes feel like they are in a precarious situation. A slave that has worked very hard to develop and maintain an open and trusting slave heart should not have to choose between maintaining that openness vs armoring themselves against what may sometimes appear to be predatory behavior and as a result come across to be the very opposite of what they truly are to the potential Master, damaging the prospects for transition to a new House. Hence the need for a slave to be under Protection until a proper Master can be identified and engaged.

What should you expect from House Obsidian?

Truthfulness – I wont lie to you or intentionally mislead you.

Clarity – I’ll explain what Im observing or what I want you to do and clarify for your understanding.

Integrity – I’ll be authentic in my observations and genuine in my communications to you.

What is expected of you?

Transparency – this is an unsettled time in your life and the temptation may be there to appear to ‘have it all together’ or to appear jovial and upbeat when in fact you may be feeling no such thing. Feelings come and go and you will have good days and bad. Updating me on your progress and what’s going on with you is important so I can have some idea of where your head is.

Integrity – the truth is important. Who you are when nobody is looking directly at you will impact our ability to work together for a successful outcome. Positive impact is desired and expected.

Dedication – Taking this time to work on improving your service is important. You should be focused on both the learning of new skills and improving and refining on things already learned in your previous times of service.

What changes in your life going forward?

A few basics to get started, after you’ve had an opportunity to read and reflect on what is written here, we may revise what is in the Memo before agreement on a final draft.

* Do not allow yourself to become sluggish or idle during this time between M/s or D/s relationships. We will collaborate on the creation of a list of areas in which you will dedicate time and energy to improving yourself under the following headings; e.g. Mental, Physical and Spiritual.
* Seek out mentors that you respect that embody excellence in various disciplines or individuals that demonstrate tremendous service acumen. You can always be better than you were – now is the time to renew your focus and enthusiasm and acquire new skill sets that will be helpful to your service for your next Master or Dominant.
* Contacts – your online presence should reflect that you are under the Protection of House Obsidian. You should also feel comfortable communicating to anyone in the community that your status is protected under the auspices of House Obsidian. If someone needs a definition of what that means, inform them that you have committed yourself to a time of study and preparation for your future relationship through being part of an extended Leather family.
* Prior to agreeing to anything beyond general conversation with an interested Dominant or Master you will need to get permission to go further from Master Obsidian.
* In general, you have standing permission to communicate with prospective Dominants or Masters on an ongoing basis – up to the point of actual face to face contact or engaging in physical actions, e.g. going out on a actual date or engaging in playing/sceneing with someone. The expectation is that you would be keeping Me in the loop on those that you are interested in and those that are interested in you on an ongoing basis.
Timing is everything; Being in a Protector/protected relationship isnt easy. More communication is always desired rather than making assumptions as to what might be expected of you. It is important that you take the time to advise your Protector prior to engagement in a particular action in order to be the recipient of their guidance and wisdom concerning what you plan to do. This is vital to the maintenance of a healthy Protector/protected relationship.

Duration – As of the date of this writing, you are under protection of House Obsidian for a period of a year and a day or until you join the House of another Master, whichever comes first.

General Info – you should have my phone number, email address and IM along with the same info for namaste in case you need to get in contact with us at any time with questions or concerns. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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