Ask Master Obsidian and slave namaste – dominant Submissive?

Q: How does one train a submissive with a dominant personality?


A: Within this context- it is our belief that having a dominant personality or submissive personality does not intrinsically create resistance to training. Say we have two people that are different in a lot of ways,  but one has a submissive personality and the other has a dominant personality.  Fundamentally however, they are identical in both their willingness to surrender their will to the will of another and in the exercise of obedience to the directives of another person.  Moreover, they are both fulfilled on a deep level by the action of being subject to the will of another.  My prediction is that both will be excellent slaves. Obedience is different than orientation – at the root of it, training a submissive with a dominant personality is no different than training someone with a submissive personality.

To use another example – if the same two people were in a program to become licensed electricians, their ability to do the work of an excellent electrician would actually be in direct proportion to their willingness and ability to absorb the information and to put that information into practice in a knowledgeable and practical way.  The only way basic personality would enter into the picture would be if one or the other person was basically unwilling to do the work, which would have an adverse impact on their ultimate ability to be licensed.  In this example both people would be terrible electricians, irrespective of the personalities they brought with them into the classroom. It should be said here that dominance and submission as personality types should not negatively inform on submission as a relationship orientation – provided the submissive understands that a “dominant personality” is no excuse for disrespect, defiance, or disobedience. To use yet another example- even the most Dominant of individuals knows to say “yes Sir, No Sir” when pulled over by a police officer – normally in a humble and docile manner. All of which is to say that we all as adults have an intrinsic awareness that there are times when it is appropriate to express certain personality traits, and there are times when it is NOT appropriate. Let the submissive know those appropriate and inappropriate times in your dynamic and that will hopefully make the training a bit easier.

In Leather,

Master Obsidian and slave namaste

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