Being the slave of a Visionary

My Master is a Visionary.

This definiton of Visionary fits Him: having or marked by foresight and imagination <a visionary leader>

i believe knowing what type of Master you serve and are surrendered to can greatly aid in how well you interpret and internalize His directives as well as the efficiency of service with grace and that service being fulfilling to BOTH people – as opposed to being full of frustrations and spinning wheels.

If you happen to serve a Visionary there are things you should know:

  • You will always have a great deal to do – The Visionary can always see what up coming. There will always be more expressions of the vision to explore.
  • Every time a Visionary says “We need to….” that does not mean stop everything and change direction. The Visionary is always visioning. ASK “shall I change direction” or “shall i stop doing this” prior to changing direction or stopping what you’re doing.
  • Every Vision is not a directive.  Some things spoke are brainstorming, dreaming, idea-scoping. Be honored that the Visionary is allowing you to be privy to these most intimate of ideas and thoughts. Do not necessary begin to focus on the “how-to’s” of accomplishing these thoughts UNTIL the Visionary shares with you that this is something they want to make real. Assumptions do not work when serving a Visionary.

So what does all of this mean exactly? It means that (at least for me and perhaps for others) being in service to the Visionary requires more communication than a simple “yes Sir” a great deal of the time. Besides all of the other facets of service – i’m His sounding board, His space for mind-mapping, His confidant and cheerleader, and i recognize the amazing honor it is to be so!

In submission and surrender to Him,

~slave namaste