Beyond Leather IV

I cant say enough about the weekend we experienced at Beyond Leather IV in Florida this year.  Sir Top and slave bonnie and the Beyond Leather staff put on an absolutely fantastic event each year and every year tops the one before.  From the moment we got off the plane and jumped right into the shuttle that was waiting for us, everything just clicked.  Im always impressed with the dedication to innovation that is evident in the attention to detail at this conference.  When you travel to as many conferences that we have, anything that maximizes the time you can spend doing the fun things and minimizes the time and energy associated with administrivia is refreshing.  This year BL unveiled a new registration process that involved pre-registry and barcodes that made registering a breeze.  (I hate conference registrations as a rule – after a long flight the last thing I want to do is stand in a forever line and ‘prove’ to someone at the registration desk that Im really Me.  I’d rather just send namaste to do it, but registration is one of those things that you have to show govt ID and sign papers with an original signature etc.) I was VERY happy with the BL IV processing – we were able to print out our registration confirmation pages the night before, they scanned the barcodes, and within seconds it seemed, we were on our way up to our rooms with a wonderful presenters basket of munchies and our conference bags and schedules!!!  WIN.

Its always good to see old friends again and also this weekend was an excellent opportunity to make new friends as well.  Beyond Leather is the conference we recommend to people that do not like to go to conferences. Its fast paced, the classes and seminars are varied and in the evenings they have specialty ‘theaters’ that feature an eclectic mix of happenings ranging from the super intense to the downright hilarious.  I wont go into details about the theaters suffice to say that lube+hotness+comedy= you had to be there. MORE WIN.

This was a very busy weekend, but it was actually really relaxing at the same time.  We taught three classes – Practical Protocols and Rituals, Power Exchange and Authenticity, and Pressure Point Play.  Each class was full and the conversations and feedback we received from the participants indicated that everyone had a great time and enjoyed the subjects presented.  Also on Saturday night, I was honored to present the keynote address for a standing room only Beyond Leather IV audience and after the keynote, played a role in the Interrogation Theater which was a TON of fun <eg>

And somewhere along the way we also managed to also enjoy watching an assortment of ponies, puppies, fetishists of all assortments, a number of excellent classes (really enjoyed predicament bondage by Lew Rubens), Taiko Drumming, delicious food and drinks, spent some time at the Ramrod enjoying libations and cigars with our dear Bootblack Blast AND we still managed to enjoy one of the multiple Beyond Leather dungeons.

After all of that, I expected to be totally exhausted by the time we got back to Austin – and we were.  But it was an excellent weekend overall and we are already looking forward to Beyond Leather V which is going to blow the roof off the hotel, Im thinking.  See you there!!!

Master Obsidian

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