BOLD 2013- And why you should be at BOLD2014!

We are currently on the plane flying home from BOLD 2013. There are dozens of thoughts, ideas, perceptions and more buzzing through both of us – things we can’t wait to dialogue about more deeply, things we find ourselves mentally chewing on even now.

So what is BOLD – Bold is a conference specifically to celebrate the MDHL identity and Lifestyle. MDHL standing for Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather. While anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the conference– the emphasis and focus of the classes is on the education and celebration of MDHL relationships.

This was our second year attending BOLD and the second year of BOLD as a conference. Beginnings are sacred and last year did not disappoint. This year was just as good- although a bit better for us because we weren’t under the time constraints of last year and had an opportunity to more deeply immerse ourselves into the conference.

First let me say a few words about the Monarchs. The Monarchs are the group of amazing Dominant Men  and their beautiful women who put on BOLD.  Having observed them for the last couple of years from afar and also during the conference – I say without reservation that this is what Male Dominance can aspire to look like. These men are not all cookie cutter – nor are their women. Some are outspoken, some are the silent type. The forms that their Dominance take and the ways that the submission of the women is expressed are as diverse as it comes – but there is an energetic feeling that pervades them. This feeling of knowing and being unapologetic for who they are.  There is also this feeling of it being Family and Fraternal. The bonds extending beyond a conference or a group dialogue into the lives that the members lead. Trust, accountability, Honor. Of course I have no way of knowing if this is true but this is my over whelming perspective. I observed the way they interacted with Their women and with me. Chivalry seemed to be the word of the day. The women had the quiet joy and power that I have only witnessed in women who know their worth in a bone deep way and are well handled and taken care of. It is refreshing, powerful, intoxicating. I wish there was a Monarchs chapter locally that we could be a part of.

The conference itself is a wealth of information. This year there was a skills track that I do not recall from last year (although it may have been there). Because skills are something we can get anywhere – I was far less interested in that track – but we did get to attend a few classes as well as teaching. The audience was engaged and receptive. The teachers were dynamic and open.  The efficiency of the timing, the way evaluations are handled, door monitoring etc; all of it was phenomenal and second to none. Seriously I feel that many many conferences should talk to the Organizers of BOLD and get a few tips – I know we will should we decide to put on a conference.

Here’s the thing – If you are in a Male Dominant/ female submissive or similar type dynamic BOLD is a conference that it on our MUST attend list. It is a conference we have decided we plan to attend every year. We believe strongly that there is something to be gained when we take the time to not only all play together -but to also immerse ourselves in environments that are geared towards our orientations and identities. Much like the feeling when one goes to a women’s only event or male only space,that feeling of Potency and Intensity in being around others who are on the same path (though we do not walk in the same shoes) elevates you in a way you can not find being in a more general setting. It is NOT about putting down our times of playing together, or being together, it is about connecting with our selves by remaining connected to the energy that brought us to this point to begin with. About having a space to honor and Celebrate the type of dynamic that fulfills us without apology or disclaimer.   When we think about BOLD the thought that comes to us is that often in our diverse and inclusive community – we are like a beautiful sea of birds – all of different breeds, colors and habits. When you go to an event with a specific niche or focus  – it is like surrounding yourself with birds of the same breed as yourself.  You are increased, expanded, able to stretch your wings in ways you can not when you’re all together – you remember who you are – making the whole Kingdom greater when you come back together.

If you’re planning your events for 2014 – make sure you add BOLD to the list. You will not be disappointed!

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