Time and Mastery

“No mirror ever became iron again;
No bread ever became wheat;
No ripened grape ever became sour fruit.
Mature yourself and be secure from a change for the worse.
Become the light.”
~ Rumi
Mastery of anything takes time.
We live in a culture of instant. Instant gratification, instant results. However, I firmly believe that the RM is called to walk a different path. You’re interested in a great many things because you understand what it means to dig deep and mine the riches of knowledge and experience. You aren’t satisfied with the thumbnail sketch, the brief synopsis or the Cliff’s notes. You want to – you need to know the why of things. It brings a sense of satisfaction deep in the belly. It enriches the core of you. You also know the price that is to be paid for that knowledge. Perhaps blood, certainly sweat and yes even tears.
But it is worth it.
The pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is a transformative one – once you have set your foot upon this particular Path, you cannot turn back. You are growing. You are maturing. Becoming the bread, the ripened grape, the mirror… the process of maturation, the process of growing…in this and only this is your security. Be comfortable in this place between the ‘now’ and the ‘not yet’ – there will be growing pains of one sort or another. Mastery of anything takes time.