I’m up early – getting ready to do some Thanksgiving cooking before carting all of the scrumptiousness off to families house for our annual Thanksgiving Feasting and Merriment.

I’ve been feeling sick for the last 6 days- I’m much better but still have a runny nose and some coughing which is causing nausea too.  Still I’m feeling so completely Thankful.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to live my Truth brilliantly and out loud. To serve the Master of my dreams, the Sadist of my nightmares, the one my whole being arches to meet and craves to obey. I’m thankful for the lessons He’s taught me this year, for the opportunity to transform to evolve to grow into an extension of His will. I’m thankful that He calls me His and surrounds me with His direction and love.

I’m thankful for my Leather Family and Friends. For the connections we have formed. For the ups and downs, for living, learning, loving.

I’m thankful for the groups we are a part of, the events we attend, the people we’ve met. For the bridging of gaps, For misunderstanding that made way for deeper understanding. For challenges and being challenged. For grace that was given and received.

I’m thankful for today and I’m thankful for you if you’re reading this.  I hope your Thanksgiving is full of warmth and connection with those you love – including yourself.

In submission and surrender to Him,

~slave namaste

It’s Finally Here!!! – The Spiral Path: Dynamic Sustainability Intensive for P/E Relationships

The long awaited P/E Weekend Intensive is here! This intensive COMES TO YOU! If you’d like to set up a weekend in your area contact us for details!!

The Spiral Path: Dynamic Sustainability Intensive for P/E Relationships – by Master Obsidian and slave namaste

You have the dynamic of your dreams, hopes and desires – now what? How do you sustain and maintain it?  How do you create a workable relationship that stays, viable, fresh, rewarding and delicious at 5,10, 20  years or more?

Welcome to The Spiral Path. In this Intensive weekend retreat we will explore the Foundation of sustainable Power Exchange and how the various elements can support and feed each other creating a virtually self-sustaining dynamic which meets the needs of those on both sides of the slash. Participants will learn how to create a lifestyle that works with, rather than against their natures, using intense and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless busy work. Utilizing interactive principles the relationship is elevated and Life is integrated producing a brilliant, faceted whole, rather than treating the P/E dynamic as an isolated entity.

This Intensive weekend is created for those living in or seeking to live within a power exchange dynamic including M/s, D/s, O/p and others. Whatever stage your P/E relationship is in – planning, infancy, adolescence or senior season you will find this weekend engaging, informative and practical.

Part Retreat, Part Workshop Intensive, Part Playground this weekend includes:

  • Inspiring Teaching
  • Open Dialogue
  • Worksheets
  • Taking it from theory to reality
  • Creation of a personal P/E Household Handbook

Topics include:

  • Second Sight – Seeing your dynamic and each other with new eyes
  • Dynamic Preservation – Learning to store and use resources to sustain the relationship
  • The Tortoise and the Hare- the secret to winning the race
  • What is Pac-Man syndrome, and how do you correct it?
  • Yes! you can live on the edge – Investing in sustainable intensity
  • and more!

Mastery and Illusion

I believe its important that we both know what’s going on with respect to what I want as Master (in terms of exercising control and dominance in her direction) and on her side, she needs to understand what my expectations are with respect to her responses and activities. Both Master and slave watch this ‘intersection’ of wills very intently, because similarly to an actual traffic intersection, the speed and rate of the traffic flow in either direction can vary widely. What is paramount is that we have the structure in place so we do not have collisions in the intersection. There is a call and response to the M/s dynamic – and ebb and flow that in many ways is not unlike a dance. The Master and the slave together – Dominance requires a response of surrender or submission. Control requires a response of obedience. At the intersection of the wills of the Master and slave or Dominant and submissive – each must know the rules of the road so to speak to avoid catastrophic collisions that ultimately give neither the pleasure that they seek from the experience of opening themselves to this shared level of authenticity..and vulnerability. The operative word here is pleasure. It pleases me to be in control. It pleases my slave to be under that control and to respond to it….”  More at Renaissance Master

NorthWest Leather Celebration 2010


Master and i had the pleasure of attending the NWLC for the first time last weekend. This event was so wonderful and didn’t seem as rushed and hurried as many events we attend. We had the luxury of moving at a bit of a slower pace even though Master was judging the NorthWest M/s 2010 contest. It was wonderful to catch up with some friends, go shopping with Mo (of IMsL 2010 fame) sip champagne and smell the yumminess of Master’s cigars. Ms Margaret and slave erich and their crew put on a great conference. We were picked up at the airport promptly with water waiting for us (it’s the little things when you get in as late as we did and are nearly delirious!) The hotel is lovely (i love sleep number beds, have i mentioned that?) with a rather interesting architectural history. The weather was lovely. The classes were greatly varied with wonderful silent auctions (a must do!) and Great Vendors! The only downside is that the Cafe is smallish with limited offerings but there are lots of fast food places and sushi within walking distance, and pizza places that deliver. We presented “The Alchemy of Compatibility” which went amazing and we got loads of good feedback. Among the “extras” at the conference was a Champagne and Chocolate mixer and a Cigar and Port mixer both by the pool. Can you say yummy??

We had a fabulous time and can’t wait to come back again!!

In Los Angeles in May!


We’ll be in Los Angeles for DomCon May 14-16th. If there are any local groups or MAsT chapters that are meeting we’d welcome the opportunity to say hello!! Just let us know!!

YiL in His service,
~slave namaste

Beyond Leather III


Today is the first day that i’ve had a moment to sit down and write about this amazing conference that we went to last weekend! Beyond Leather is a fabulous conference that takes place in Fort Lauderdale FL. It is produced by Sir Top and slave bonnie – Southeast M/s 2007.

This was our first time at this particular conference but it was most definitely a treat! There were great classes, wonderful energy, the hotel is fabulous, and the food is phenomenal!!

This conference has it all… classes, dungeon space, lube wrestling, late evening theaters. If you have the opportunity to attend don’t miss it next year!!

A few tips-
DO get the meal package, the food is great and it’s well worth the price, do get tickets to Lube Wrestling – nuff said…LOL

DO take time to attend at least some of the contests and say a big thank you to the Producers (who are very accessible BTW) We need to support our community and those who do so much for it.

YiL in His service,
~slave namaste

slave namaste and I have been asked and we’ve accepted the invitation to stand as contestants for the title of Southwest Master and slave 2010, to be held in January at SouthWest Leather Conference in Phoenix Arizona. It is quite humbling to be asked to compete and we are both looking forward to the challenge! 

For more information on this endeavor please go to the “M/s contest”  page!