Civility for slaves pt 2 – Acknowledge your Master

My apologies  that this is a bit delayed- apparently a week goes past far quicker than I thought…LOL

So the second rule of civility is to Acknowledge others- especially Acknowledging our Owners.

So often as slaves we can be incredibly self referenced. Everything is all about us- and if you are involved in the greater Lifestyle community this is promoted as what M/s is all about – Master calls this “slave centric M/s” – where the needs of the slave is what the dynamic is all about.

If thats your thing dear heart I honor your path- but thats not the type of M/s that we practice – so you may desire to stop reading now.

Every action done in company, ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present. ~George Washington.

I’ve noticed in recent years the idea of the power slaves has often meant a slave who is down right rude or “in your face” when it comes to interaction. All grace and civility (if any) is reserved for his/her Master.

The thing about that in my estimation is that regarding people as worthy of respect is an inside job- often slaves who are seething with rage at the world- also have that same sort of resentment and anger towards their Owner – but they do not express it.

How much more helpful is it to make the Acknowledging of others a part of our behavior without feeling that it diminishes us in any way.

Acknowledging others importance, existence, feelings and thoughtful actions are all valid and wonderful aspects to cultivate. And cultivate is what is required in our 1st world country where we tend to take things for granted.

And that brings us back to our Owners.

Do you acknowledge all of the Dominance and Mastery you are honored to receive from your Owner? Do you consider your Owner’s feelings before you respond or react?

Giving honor to others is not something that they should have to EARN – respect is something we can freely give because respect only expands you- it can never diminish you. Even if the person you were giving greater honor to ends up behaving in a dishonorable manner- it does not in any way diminish the beauty of your giving them honor.

When we do not acknowledge others we wound them in 3 ways.

1- Inconvienance or indifference

2 – Denial of existence or loss of face

3 – Conflict with their own sense of appropriate conduct.

This is true of our Owners as well. When we do not acknowledge all they do, we put then in the unfortunate position of having to decide if thats something to correct us for or something that should be allowed to slide. We shame them or wound their pride. We say that we are indifferent to their humanity.  Furthermore if we treat others in this way – we make the statement to the word that THIS is the value system of our Owner.

While there has been much dialogue about if a slaves behavior represents his/her owner or not- it’s really very simple – most people will assume the slave is a reflection of her/his Owner.  Under this ideation – what is my behavior communicating about my Master?

Questions for consideration and reflection:

  • How can I give greater acknowledgement to my Owner?
  • What am I NOT acknowledging as I should?
  • Are there any people specifically that my Owner desires me to Acknowledge more that I’m not? (elder in the lifestyle, Senior Masters or Senior slaves?)
  • Has my distraction by things led to my lack of acknowledging of people?

In submission and surrender to Him,

~slave Namaste

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