Devotion, Spirituality and slavery

I’ve been thinking lately about what I want to write.

Today it came to me.

I want my blog posts to focus on Spirituality and Surrender.

Master and I were having a conversation today and I shared with him.

I do not understand slavery without devotion.

Devotion has become a dirty word.

I realized that I stopped writing because I felt my voice wasn’t relevant anymore.

In today’s community where the only focus on slavery seems to be on negotiation, abuse, predators, sex and the like.

Where is the room for devotion, surrender, connecting to the desires that brought us here in the first place?

And when I deeply consider that  – what brought me here- was my Longing and Desire to surrender, to experience the Will of another actualized in my life and to live devoted to it.

What kept me here was my connection to Spirit.

I can not deny that slavery for me is a deeply Spiritual practice.

I am His devotee and His acolyte.

I am the Priestess and He is the God – or perhaps I become the layperson and He is my Priest.

I am wood consumed in His flames.

I am flame and He is oxygen.

The levels and variations of our entanglement know no limit.

And without my Spirituality- this would not be possible.

Not on this level.

It was my deep inner knowing that not only was I called to be *a* slave but that more specifically I was meant to belong to HIM that kept me when I was confused and things got sticky.

It is the spiritual connection that exceeds the physical and sexual (as delicious as those are).


Affection and dedication.

Not simply lust and obligation. But a spiritual SEEING and KNOWING. At times I feel the Divine loving me through Him and then again the Divine loves Him through me.

What a sacred charge.

What profound exchange.

More on this later…

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