Dominance and the Inner Critic Online Class

softwareboxright (9)You aren’t your thoughts.

You aren’t your feelings.

You ARE on the other hand what you believe. 

      Do you feel like you’re your worst critic? Are you harder on yourself than anyone else could ever hope to be? In your personal pursuit of excellence, do you criticize, second-guess and review your thoughts, words or decisions long after the action has been taken?   When you review the reality of your situation –  your life and how it is turning out (or not, depending on how you are feeling today) how do you feel? Are you pleased with how your life and relationships have turned out or do you have a list of regrets that you review on a regular basis?  The sum total of your life is a product of the choices that you have made…even when the choice that you made was to not make a choice at all. When you review the choices you’ve made to get where you are now, do you feel awesome and amazing? Or something else?

 Like a cast iron bell, when we experience ‘hard knocks’ in our lives the echo we hear is in the precise key of our fondest desire… and the shape of that space inside us is the shape of our truest longing. 

  If those words turn your inward gaze toward the recent or far-flung past with sadness, or melancholy I would encourage you to tear your gaze from that vision of what might have been or what happened.  Why?  Because Now – right now is your moment of power and quite literally the only moment in which you actually have any TRUE power to effect or change.  You cannot ever go back to the fork in the road and choose right when in retrospect you realize you accidently or intentionally went left. Take a deep breath and nod if you agree with the next three questions;

  • What if I told you that you could leave regret behind and choose a different, more satisfying path today? Would that have a positive impact on your Life and Dominance? 
  • What if you could be at peace, happy and content inside – and not consumed with regret, pain and sadness over past choices? Would you invest a small amount of time to feel like that inside again? 
  • Dont you deserve to be at peace internally and externally – enjoying your life and relationships?

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Dominance and the Inner Critic has been created to help you believe differently about yourself and begin creating the life you want, today. Dominance and the Inner Critic is one of our most sought after classes. It addresses many of the problems and challenges faced by both New and Seasoned Dominants and Masters alike. We all have that voice inside, the one that can take anything about ourselves or something that we did or something we plan to do and transform it into something terribly wrong or bad. That inner dialogue that shows up just as we are about to embark on a new project or challenge. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us consciously and unconsciously all the time. When our inner voice becomes toxic, it can have a crippling effect on Dominance, ultimately impairing the strength and vitality of M/s or Dom/sub relationships.

You aren’t your thoughts – but your thoughts do affect how you feel about yourself. 

You aren’t your feelings – but how you feel about yourself is vital to your sense of well-being.

You ARE on the other hand what you believe.

Dominance and the Inner Critic has been created to help you believe differently about yourself and begin thinking clearly about yourself and feeling good about YOU. Begin creating the life you want, today.softwareboxright (9) Its time to stop suffering and start living. By learning the secrets of how to deal with the Inner Critic you can take control of your life and re-energize your relationship. In Dominance and the Inner Critic you will learn;

  • Where the Critic comes from.
  • What is the true purpose of the Inner Critic?
  • How you can stop the Critic from sucking the life out of your Dominance and Mastery?
  • The Water Connection – how your Inner Critic can be making you physically ill – and how to change this immediately!!!
  • How to truly believe differently about your life and your purpose.
  • How to let it go – how to finally move on and feel good about yourself and your decisions.
  • How to stop beating yourself up over the past. 
  • How to stop ‘catastrophizing’ – why dreaming up worst-case scenarios might actually be short-circuiting your success.

Learn how to use your Inner Critic as an energizing force instead of something that drains you of your energy, your enthusiasm and your intensity. Add to Cart

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