Drop STOP! – A New Service

reikiRecently Master and I have been noticing a propensity for unpartnered people in the Lifestyle to not receive the “aftercare” they need when a scene is over.

Yes the Top in the scene may give cuddles, a warm blanket and a cup of OJ but what about help processing the later conflicting emotions,  feelings of confusion and concerns?

And what about the Top in the scene? They often need a space to receive care, comfort and processing as well.

To this end we offer “Drop STOP!” a holistic caring, supportive service. Drop STOP is created to serve in all facets – Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and  Mentally. Drop STOP! appointments are for 1- 1.5 hours.

Who it’s for:

  • Unpartnered bottoms, subs,slaves Tops, Dominants, Masters
  • Partnered people who are in a long distance relationship
  • Partners separated due to travel
  • Men, women and gender fluid folks
  • Couples/Triads etc; who could all use a bit of additional care

What it includes:

  • Reiki and Energy Healing
  • Scene Debrief and Coaching – Helping you process and work through the heady emotions that can often occur after a scene. Talk it out and take advantage of our listening ear and Lifestyle Experience.
  • Nutritional Supplementation – access to nutritional supplements that can prevent drop: nourishing teas, suggested supplements, living foods
  • Warm Nurturing environment – Lay down, relax, listen to soothing sounds and receive Care
  • Optional – Light touch given in a NON-sexual, non-clinical context.
  • All services provided by Master Obsidian and/or slave namaste  (at the clients discretion)

Drop STOP! in person appointments are available on Monday and Tuesday, and Distance appointments (services altered for distance) are offered according to availability. We also are available for Drop STOP! appointments at most Conferences we attend. Contact us at PowerandSurrender @ gmail.com  for further details and to set up an appointment or a free consult!!

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