Holiday shopping? Get soaked!

As many of you may know Master and i are super passionate about helping people have sustainable, authentic, powerful, healthy, and HOT relationships. It’s way big on our list of “Why we are here”. Realizing that everyone who is in a Power Exchange dynamic is NOT necessarily a part of the community aspect (munches, face to face meetings, play parties etc;), able to afford one-on-one coaching or mentoring with us, or able to attend conferences (when the average price for a conference for 2 including hotel and meals will cost about $500! That’s not including airfare) – Master and i put our heads together and decided to offer “Immersion” – no, not the event we put on through our local MAsT chapter- this is different.

This is a year of getting positively soaked and drenched in education, activities and processes right in your own home… at your own speed. We all know full immersion is the best way to learn and internalize new ideas and now we bring that idea to your dynamic as well. We’ve decided to record some of our classes (with more added through the year), and make them available to members of our Immersion Circle. In addition we’re offering affirmations and tips on Power exchange -to keep it practical and actual. Then there’s the monthly chat which is part coaching, part Masterminding and part Party rolled up into one which is worth the price of admission itself.  We’re putting it all out there. All of ourselves, our experiences, our history and how we make our Power dynamic work and stay juicy all while keeping it relevant by giving you an opportunity to ask your questions, tell your story and apply it to your life. .

We’re really big on “under promise and over deliver”  – and we’re way way excited to be able to offer ourselves in this way. This may be a great opportunity for you if you’re

  • New to Power Exchange
  • Struggling
  • Wanting education and connection and unable to afford it
  • Wanting education and connection but none is available in your area
  • Love our classes and want more
  • Seasoned in your dynamic and wanting to keep it fabulous.
  • You’re Leather, Gorean, TPE or PPE (partial power exchange), M/s or D/s or D/g or LMNOP – or none of the above. It doesn’t matter which community you identify with only that it is Power Exchange.


This isn’t for everyone we know. If this vibes for you GREAT! We look forward to having you! If you’re on the fence this may help -This most likely isn’t for you if:

  • You have no interest in Power exchange dynamics personally
  • You are argumentative (Be kind is the rule of the day!)
  • Find no resonance in our blog posts or classes
  • Aren’t willing to invest financially in your dynamic and education
  • Think all of this is “just taking things too seriously”

Right now we’re lowering the cost even more because – well it’s the Holidays and we love to find a reason to give gifts and help others give gifts as well!!  You can take (or give) Immersion now for only $125 a year for Power (for Master, Dominants etc;) or surrender (submissives, slaves etc;) or for $200 a year for couples! This price is in effect until 1/31/13

Here’s all the juicy bits right here

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