Master’s Moleskine

Today’s Quote;

“A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”

                                                                                                                        Oscar Wilde
My Thoughts; I’ve been thinking of late about outer vs inner space. By that I mean that its wonderful to spend an evening over libations and good conversation concerning the weighty issues of the day, be they political, sports related or general philosophy..explore ‘outer space’ But what about the interior? As I get older Im recognizing the importance of looking inside, not being so concerned about what “they” are doing “out there” but what am I doing ‘in here’? What am I thinking? Feeling? Concerned with today? How is my health? What are my goals? My beliefs?
Things We Love;  Recently had an opportunity to see the premiere of the opera “Moby Dick” – words fail me to describe how wonderful it was to hear voices raised in song…Sometimes we are so blessed and fortunate to be in the presence of greatness, of mastery. There is something of the sacred in bearing witness to the moment in which you see another human being at the peak of their game, doing best That Thing They were Meant to Do. I cherish and savor those moments whenever and wherever I find them.
Music in my Head:  Corinne Bailey Rae, live…singing Since I Been Loving You. Maxwell – Pretty Wings, Enigma, Touchness.
Travels; has been seriously much of late. A few weeks ago we were in Florida presenting at Beyond Leather, Two weeks ago in San Jose for the NWLC. Then last week for regular biz, traveled to Dallas then Las Vegas, then back to Houston and then Dallas, then home to Austin. In one week. Deep breath.
Deliciousness; Looking forward to some deliciously hot catfish filets this evening for dinner, perhaps paired with a nice red wine as we are out of whites and its serious T-Storms outside so Im not going to the store to get any. Maybe I’ll enjoy them with a frosty Red Stripe instead of wine.

Adventures this week; after a week that I had last week – we were still looking forward to traveling back to LA for DomCon, however the titanic T-Storms that snarled air traffic on Friday effectively negated getting out to LA. this weekend. Doing nothing, otoh can be its own event. It was sweet.
Ex Libris; The War of the Flowers, by Tad Williams, The Science of Happiness
I am thankful for; Durable 737’s that can handle lightning strikes and keep chugging along through the skies. The art and science of wine making. Good wine is amazing.
Discover the Event;  Our next event is for the TNG group here in Austin, Tx.  The class is on Mastery and Authenticity. The next large scale event is going to be in Atlanta GA where we will be doing two classes at SELF, June 11-13.

Wisdom; Sometimes you stand alone.

Sometimes life throws you curves you werent expecting. MLK said that we start to die when we neglect to speak up about things that really matter. If you have to stand alone concerning something important, and that time has come upon you when you were looking the other way..dont despair. You are ready. You’ve always been ready…and you will find the strength to do that which must be done when you need it.  Your whole life has been preparing you for this time, whether you realize it or not. You can do this.