NorthWest Leather Celebration 2010


Master and i had the pleasure of attending the NWLC for the first time last weekend. This event was so wonderful and didn’t seem as rushed and hurried as many events we attend. We had the luxury of moving at a bit of a slower pace even though Master was judging the NorthWest M/s 2010 contest. It was wonderful to catch up with some friends, go shopping with Mo (of IMsL 2010 fame) sip champagne and smell the yumminess of Master’s cigars. Ms Margaret and slave erich and their crew put on a great conference. We were picked up at the airport promptly with water waiting for us (it’s the little things when you get in as late as we did and are nearly delirious!) The hotel is lovely (i love sleep number beds, have i mentioned that?) with a rather interesting architectural history. The weather was lovely. The classes were greatly varied with wonderful silent auctions (a must do!) and Great Vendors! The only downside is that the Cafe is smallish with limited offerings but there are lots of fast food places and sushi within walking distance, and pizza places that deliver. We presented “The Alchemy of Compatibility” which went amazing and we got loads of good feedback. Among the “extras” at the conference was a Champagne and Chocolate mixer and a Cigar and Port mixer both by the pool. Can you say yummy??

We had a fabulous time and can’t wait to come back again!!

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  1. It was enjoyable to attend your workshop as well! You might let your master know that there is a “kinky buddhist” group in FetLife. The confluence of what we do and our spiritual quests are interesting I think.

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