SWLC 2013

This past weekend Master and I attended the SouthWest Leather Conference 2013

It was an amazing conference and while we were too occupied to attend any classes I still came away with a profound and deep opening and understanding.

Master and I were honored to have been asked to teach one class and to emcee for the event. This was our first time emcee’ing at a Lifestyle event and it was SUCH a Blast! We really enjoyed ourselves and based on the feedback – the audience found it pleasurable as well. Congrats to the new Titleholders Todd and elizabath as SWLC Master and slave 2013, and Treasure as SWLC Bootblack 2013. All of the contestants were absolutely phenomenal!!

We spent most of the weekend working on a Big Project that has been on Master’s Heart and in His Vision for a while – and one which I am honored to help bring to pass. More on this very very soon.

Beyond the sitting with some of the most amazing, seasoned and respected Leather people in my life gleaning wisdom, insight and depth,  bringing Mama Reinhardt to tears, introducing a new look, meeting new people and getting to know a lot better many others – one of the highlights of the weekend was listening to Master Patrick Mulcahey’s Keynote. When it appears online I will definitely link to it. Master called it “pure poetry” – we were both moved to tears. I know my recollection will not do it justice- but there were two main take-aways that were most resonant for me and reflective of my own thoughts.

  • Spirituality takes many forms. There is no one true way of connection to Spirit. Everyone does not feel that they hear from the Universe. The NOT hearing can be as much a part of their path as hearing. ( And from this I deepen my understanding of the role of each of us. Sometimes the Voice of the Universe is really YOUR Voice… how’s that for powerful??)
  • The idea that M/s should not involve being in love with your Master or slave, or that being in love somehow lessens the dynamic or is a “lower” form of M/s is not universally accepted – nor should it be. There can be both a Oneness (The Master Owns His slave in the same way that He owns His hand), an a love relationship that does not lessen the dynamic at all. It is just yet another facet and expression that this beautiful thing called Power Exchange can take.

I was also honored to be the recipient of the SWLC Leatherwoman’s Award 2013.  This award is given to one who is felt to exemplify authenticity and integrity. I can not express in words the shock, honor and weight this held for me. I am truly humbled to have been honored in this way. Master received  the Leatherman’s award last year and for me to follow in His footsteps is doubly blessed. Thank you.

So – if you haven’t attend SWLC – please do – its an amazing amazing conference full of WOO (Spirit) and connection and lots and lots of love!

In submission and surrender to Him,

slave Namaste