Teleconferences, Yay!!!

We have just finished updating the Calendar with Dates for the Immersion Teleconferences through August. We’ll update with more dates in July. We’re looking forward to sharing and interacting on a deeper and more personal level!

Dates for Immersion Teleconferences:
4/25 – Spring has Sprung- New Birth and Keeping the Balance
5/24 – How our Relationships with our Parents Inform on our P/E Dynamics
6/28 – Keeping it Hot- Talking Sex, Libido, Tips and Techniques
7/24 – Independence, Dependence and Interdependence in Power Exchange
8/23- Being Foolish about your Power Exchange- Immersing yourself

All Teleconferences are at 7:30pm CST –  If you’d like to be able to get in on these amazing Teleconferences, get all the details and sign up for the Immersion Package HERE

The  calendar also lists LIVE conference’s we’re at (hopefully) in a city near you!
Your feedback is appreciated and it is our Pleasure to work with you!!

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