I’m up early – getting ready to do some Thanksgiving cooking before carting all of the scrumptiousness off to families house for our annual Thanksgiving Feasting and Merriment.

I’ve been feeling sick for the last 6 days- I’m much better but still have a runny nose and some coughing which is causing nausea too.  Still I’m feeling so completely Thankful.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to live my Truth brilliantly and out loud. To serve the Master of my dreams, the Sadist of my nightmares, the one my whole being arches to meet and craves to obey. I’m thankful for the lessons He’s taught me this year, for the opportunity to transform to evolve to grow into an extension of His will. I’m thankful that He calls me His and surrounds me with His direction and love.

I’m thankful for my Leather Family and Friends. For the connections we have formed. For the ups and downs, for living, learning, loving.

I’m thankful for the groups we are a part of, the events we attend, the people we’ve met. For the bridging of gaps, For misunderstanding that made way for deeper understanding. For challenges and being challenged. For grace that was given and received.

I’m thankful for today and I’m thankful for you if you’re reading this.  I hope your Thanksgiving is full of warmth and connection with those you love – including yourself.

In submission and surrender to Him,

~slave namaste