The Pleasure of Pageantry

One of the things i’ve been thinking of lately is Pageantry.

By Pageantry i’m referring to rich, splendid and magnificent display.

The word display is important because it means to bring into view.

What does any of this have to do with M/s?

As i have traveled this path i’ve noticed a tendency for less pageantry to seep into many M/s dynamics as time goes on. Also – a sort of jaded disinterest in cultivating the *feelings* of slavery and surrender.

There is a delicious intersection of the creation of pageantry and  feelings of surrender – at least in my experience and observation.

When pageantry is applied to the living and breathing of the dynamic as a rich, fragrant bringing into view of the difference in position – both partners are enriched.  Everything is heightened. Far from being an affectation or pretense it is the opening up of what is- the shedding of the mundane and the default.  Like an eagle spreading it’s wings to full span – it enables an alighting that does not occur when the heights of the dynamic are constrained under the yoke of “normalcy” and “mainstream”.

i simply adore the exercise and experience of such pageantry – both in our dynamic and when i am privileged to observe it in others.

From preparation to execution that there is an anticipation and awakening – a Pure and True arousal from consciousness. As i ready myself or am made ready for whatever has alighted His passion and caused His eye to fall on me in a way that elicits the response of lavish conduct. It is not an everyday thing. And there is no way to tell when He will decide that this is what he wants. Full preparation. Mystery. Anticipation. Ritual. Formality. A full immersive experience from beginning to end. This does not lessen our day to day grandeur. The every day can have it’s own sublime simplicity. That said, Energy flows where attention goes and bringing the whole of one’s attention to the experience of Pageantry means the energy is higher and of a more intense flavor.

The dress is different

The bathing is different

The speech is different

The slightest touch creates a blaze

The merest whisper becomes orgasmic

Pain is a portal

Pleasure is Purpose

As a slave pageantry allows me to sink into lavish expression of the state of being that fulfills me most deeply. To worship, adore and express devotion in a way that lays me open and heightens the spaces between my station and His while simultaneously bringing us both closer together. It is the ultimate paradox.

While some might say that pageantry is less “real” and scoff at it as the realm of fantasy – i don’t care. The spice of it intoxicates and creates a deliciousness that i hope never to have to do without. It reveals and lays bare the Pleasure lying hidden, the secret joys of a life lived in a Power Differential dynamic.

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