Things to understand if you’re friends with a slave

I live my life in surrender.

That may sounds obvious- but actually sometimes it occurs to me that it may not be as understood in practical application as it is in theory.

Yesterday a very close friend and I had a call scheduled. For both of us this is a rare treat.

I waited and waited for her call. No call.

An hour later she sent me a response to my message stating that her Master had called her away.

I TOTALLY understood that – and we had a good laugh about the need to be flexible when you are a slave or are friends with a person who is enslaved.

I personally enjoyed the  brief discussion and the opportunity to experience that because all too often I have been on the receiving end of another response when I’ve had plans that I’ve made altered because of Master’s will.

Even with other slaves.

I’ve had slaves become irritated, annoyed, angry or frustrated with my inability to attend or call or what have you.

I’ve often found that odd. Recently I realized that because the Lifestyle has changed and anything can be defined as slavery- many have no experience with interacting with a person for whom EVERY area of thier life is under the authority and control of another person.

Here’s the reality:

If your friends with a slave she may be called away unexpectedly.

If your friends with a slave- she may not be able to do everything she thinks is a good idea to do.

If you’re friends with a slave she may not call (or show up) at the agreed upon time.

If you’re friends with a slave she may disappear on you unexpectedly.

If your friends with a slave she may change her interests inexplicably.

If you’re friends with a slave you can usually expect that she is not keeping any secrets from her Master (you can ask about this one)

If you’re friends with a slave her eating requirements may change on a dime

If your friends with a slave she/he may have protocols that make no sense to you

Of course all of these things depend on the slave and on the type of dynamic they engage in – so ask. Often slaves who live with their Owners seem to have more restrictions than slaves who live apart (just because they have more time to themselves). When Master and I lived apart I had a lot more girl time than I do now. When He worked at an office many miles away I had more free time. Now my time is at a literally premium.   But also understand that if you have slaves who are friends of yours – they usually aren’t flighty if they have to beg off- they’re just in Service!

In submission and surrender to Him

~slave namaste


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