To the Masters On Intimate Apparel….

Underwear, sleepwear…intimate apparel. I want to talk to the Masters about lingerie in general. An unscientific survey of Masters and slaves, Dominants and sub missives has uncovered an interesting trend….many female sub missives and slaves came into the relationship enjoying the wearing a lot of various pieces of lingerie.

Many female slaves and submissive report that their masters or mistresses typically get rid of most if not all of their lacy, frilly, sheer bits of intimate apparel. The story is pretty much the same all over – “He/She prefers that I be naked as often as possible. “Master considers the unadorned female form the most beautiful and it doesn’t require anything artificial like colorful wispy lingerie to make me even more beautiful.”.. lather, rinse repeat.. What happened???

These are awesome sentiments – in fact, I’ve said a variant of the same for years. Honestly, I didn’t see the point of intimate apparel – it was a translucent, diaphanous barrier of sorts and frankly I don’t like barriers of any kind between me and my namaste.

So there.

Confident in my anti-lingerie smugness, I concentrated on procuring delicious outfits for namaste to wear at events and in the dungeon and basically forgot about intimate apparel.  If my namaste is in her collar and a pair of heels, why that’s all that she needs, period. You can’t improve on perfection, I’d say to myself looking at her.

So what caused me to re-think my position on lingerie?

Well, when I apply a tiny bit of critical thinking to this, there are some gaps in this philosophy. To wit; while I realize that as King, it is good, right and proper for her to be attired (or not) as it pleases me, denying myself the pleasures of lingerie is just that, a denial. Lets take this example and try it on in other spheres of life;

Can you imagine; “Steak is delicious by itself, why do you need to add bleu cheese crumbles, or pour sizzling butter in the bottom of the plate, in fact why add any salt, pepper, garlic or spices at all? Phooey! Steak – medium rare. That’s all you really need.”

Or: I love my house, its beautiful just like it is!!! Why paint the walls, work on landscaping or hang pictures? Its just wonderful as it is, without all that claptrap and adornment.

Or: I love my vehicle!!! As long as its getting me from here to there safely, who cares about waxing, vacuuming, polishing or tuneups? Air freshener indeed! Balderdash! Poppycock! Its just a $%&)@ _____, not a fancy carriage, jeez! Its perfect just the way it is.

You get the point…

…Good, Better, Best

I consider myself as well as others on Our side of the slash as Royalty as well as aspiring Renaissance Men and Women. We consider it a challenge to derive the maximum amount of pleasure out of any field of endeavor we choose to pursue. So we DO want the tastiest food possible, given our palate and pocket – the most beautiful surroundings, the nicest conveyance… as it pleases us.

To go beyond our personal tastes and start thinking about what others might be thinking of us and modifying our tastes accordingly is the worst sort of hell. Unthinkable.

Differing tastes abound and what is aesthetically pleasing to one person will be rubbish to another. Developing a palate – that is being able to distinguish for oneself  between good, better and best according to your own internal guidance system is essential in my estimation to your personal evolution toward being the best version of yourself imaginable.

Good, better best on one hand…… Some vs none on the other hand.  

It is the stuff of Kings and Queens to be able to enjoy a wide variety of pleasures. When I think on myself kindly I should like to believe that I am constantly evolving and my slave as well. She is my will actualized in the world and a wonderful partner on this journey – our Great Adventure together.

Therefore it is very easy for me to come to a new conclusion regarding lingerie – to be able to look at it anew and to say regarding intimate apparel in particular that I look forward to relishing the experience of enjoying my namaste both clothed and not, and when it suits me I shall also enjoy un-wrapping her like a beautifully wrapped present.

Setting Intention

Just like the perfect appetizer enhances the meal that you know is to come, and a hint of your scent in an article of clothing can bring her comfort and pleasure when you are traveling away from home, the wearing of intimate apparel contributes to the mood, it helps set the stage and may even surprise you. Im a very visual person and Im also tactile as well – so something sensuous and silky wrapped around my namaste in jewel tones impacts my senses on a number of different levels. The obverse being that I deprive myself of the intensity of this experience if I insist that she just wears a big cotton t-shirt instead.

FEH.  I don’t like being deprived.

It is my wish that every Master, Mistress and Dominant reside in a garden of earthly delights, each according to your own vision of what you find personally delightful. Engage all of your senses – live the lush, juicy and delicious life of your dreams!!! O King, O Queen – stop depriving Your Royal Self!!! Adorn your property in some intimate apparel – treat yourself to some added deliciousness!!!

Rule Well,
Master Obsidian

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