You Owe It To Yourself

I’ve been contemplating what it means to be a Renaissance Master and of course I have a ton of different thoughts on the subject – but waxing introspective for a moment (and of course, blogging is the ultimate in introspective exhibitionism, or is it creative narcissism..whatever, I digress.)  In my mind, being a RM is about living an intentional life. Putting your intention…your energy, your life force, whatever name you put to it, your essence in being a Man toward living out and fulfilling your complete potential.  Im not referring to being a captain of industry or aspiring to be a poet laureate or a nobel prize winner. The pursuit of being an RM is NOT about what others say about you or think about you. I personally believe that too much in our society is done by committee where manly fields of endeavor are concerned. The reality is that the court of public opinion is a fickle beast at best – and so much of what passes for achievement on a national or world changing scale involves the cooperative movement of vast amounts of energy outside the individual – it boggles the mind.
I abhor the mind being boggled. Its irritating.
Becoming a RM is not about that particular kind of success.
Then what is it about? 
Becoming a RM is all about being the best YOU that you can be. Period.  We live in a world that celebrates and encourages specialization…the belief that a mans best contribution to the society in which he lives comes at the end of an arduous path of greater and greater focus on a smaller and smaller body of knowledge. While I believe that men in particular have always defined themselves by their occupations to some extent, e.g. I am a Doctor, a Barrista, a Cheese Expert Dude at the local Whole Foods etc..  If we juxtapose Modern man against Renaissance Man what stands out most in my mind is the complete lack of specialization. Instead of aspiring to be a jack of all trades, master of none…the RM aspires to be Master of all disciplines, learning about as many subjects as possible – expanding his mind and consciousness exponentially. Everything from music, to politics, to philosophy, to botany, astronomy, chemistry, how to fix the brakes on a ’67 Mustang…the sky is the limit.
The world is the RM’s oyster.
Steven Wright says that “anywhere is walking distance…..if you have the time”.  For the RM – the corollary would be that you can learn anything you want to learn – if you have the will to do so.  Why is this important?  And what is the connection to Mastery? After all this blog is focused on the Renaissance Master, not merely the Man.
Im glad you asked. Very astute observation.
The connection between the Renaissance Man and Mastery is simply this;
  • If you have any hope of Mastering another successfully, you must first learn to Master yourself.
I’ll say that again in a slightly different fashion;  The Man that would Master another must first Master himself.
And how so –  through the pursuit of esoterica?  Read on, gentle reader and work with me here.
I believe that the M/s community, particularly on the part of the Masters is at a proverbial fork in the road. It is my assertion that very few Masters are having fun.
That’s right. I said it. MASTERS ARENT HAVING FUN. .
Mastery has become very serious business of late. We’ve become black leather clad sourpusses.  Serious, glowering, goateed, steely eyed juggernauts of melancholy. And its showing in the fact that there are by my totally unscientific wild ass guess of a calculation, 13 umpty-kajillion submissives and/or slaves to each dominant or Master.
Why is that? And what does that have to do with the having of fun?
There are many reasons why this may be so – but chief among them I believe is this central fact;  
Masters as a rule don’t know how to enjoy themselves and have fun because the philosophical focus of much of what we study is all about the slave, and not the Master.
Being a “good” Master or a good Dominant has become synonymous with acquiring the skill sets necessary to doing the things that will make the slave happy.
We study how to beat the slave, how to flog the slave, how to cut, fold, spindle and bamboo and hemp the slave into submission. The care and feeding of the slave or submissive, the emotional states of the slave, what to do when they react or rebel, how to soothe them, after care them, wash and rub them down yadda yadda yadda.
Being a “good Master” nowadays seems like a lot of work.
And it is, if you look at it this way.  Is it any wonder that Men aren’t knocking down the door demanding to find out our Secret Lore of Mastery?  Why not? 
Well, for one – they already have jobs and stress and a whole lot of responsibility. Who wants to sign up for more?
Modern Mastery doesn’t look like a whole lotta fun does it.
It looks a lot like the reward for good work…is more work.
Feel me?
This isnt that complicated.
But one may say in response; If we don’t keep the submissives happy, the slaves happy then they might leave us!!!
To that I say;
I believe that we’ve focused so much on them because we’ve forgotten what it is that we want, what it is that we need.
What about Enjoyment. Ease. Comfort. Exquisite Sensation. Hedonistic abandon??
Let me be more specific;
What about the rich aroma of your favorite French roast, expertly prepared with just the right amount of heavy cream and sugar…hot and redolent with complexity just the smell of it is its own experience…served to you in your favorite cup. By someone whose care and adoration shows through with each movement as they hand you the cup and who’s joy is evident in the witness of YOUR pleasure at the first taste when you close your eyes and a deep rumble of satisfied MMMMM emanates from your chest.
Im talking about sheer enjoyment here my friend.
What about a fine Bordeaux, or Merlot, or Cabernet…served at the right temperature, with a juicy ribeye? Cooked the way they cook it at Ruth’s Chris, with searing, slightly dense caramelization on the outside, tender juicy pink goodness inside. And butter. 

Don’t forget the butter.

And YES your submissive or slave can make this for you at home tonight.  And NO you don’t need a commercial oven or any tremendously specialized equipment to make this happen.
You don’t know how this is done.    Yet.
And you should know. You’re an aspiring RM. It is essential for the true carnivore RM to have a wide and esoteric knowledge of all things steak and how they are truly prepared well.
Speaking of Meat – what about sausages? – where can you get real authentic Bangers – and how do you have them prepared?
Who has the best bacon? What’s the best way to cook it? How do you like yours served?
Your submissive or slave should be a delight to your senses in all ways – what kind of scent do you have them wear in your presence? Do you prefer light and airy scents with berry and wildflower notes?  Or deep and sensual cinnamons, sandalwood and musk notes.
Can you tell the difference?
Do you know what Im talking about?
Is your preference to have the submissive or slave layered in silks, in tight and shiny latex or sheer diaphanous fabrics or nothing at all? Have you taken those fabrics and rubbed them against your face, run them through your fingers so that you know and understand exactly WHAT you like and WHY you like it? Do you know the difference between synthetic silk and the real thing?
Does it matter?
I believe it DOES matter. I believe all of this matters. It matters more than most of us realize.
When you develop your mind, when you apply your focus and your intention to the acquisition of more and varied sources of knowledge…then you start really living.
You develop preferences.
You have ideas.
You know exactly what you want and how you want it – because you’ve taken the time to find out.
And most of all, NOW you can devote a portion of YOUR energy to enlisting, controlling and compelling the energies of another to facilitate your enjoyment of this life.
This is why your submissive or slave is here.
So that they might serve YOU at YOUR pleasure – and thereby receive purpose, motivation, development and satisfaction  – at YOUR feet.
You are here to be served.
The slave is here to serve you.
Don’t ever forget that.
Lets bring back the passion my friends.
Lets bring back the energy, the FUN the sheer joy of being a Man and being in control and orchestrating our individual lives and pursuits to maximize our enjoyment of each and every day we have on this planet.
Living an intentional life.
Let’s get started, shall we?  We have a lot to cover and we don’t want to waste time.

5 Replies to “You Owe It To Yourself”

  1. This is something I will share with my Sir, my Master. Thank you for sharing it. He does have fun. There are times when He, when we are serious, but we laugh together often. Perhaps He is already well on His way to becoming a Renaissance Master.

    Thank you for posting this. I have a feeling we may both be back to visit.


  2. Absolutely! I think this is a great perspective for tops, switches and bottoms alike! I would think that if the Master were fulfilled and pleased, the work of the slave would be pleasing and fulfilling as well.

  3. Well said.

    I’m quite new to the D/s world but I have already noticed how little fun it often is to many people on both sides of the equation. Which I find very strange. Why do people indulge in things that aren’t fun? Aren’t enjoyable? That replaces passion with technique?

    Your thoughts on specialization resonate with me as well. I would recommend the works of John Ralston Saul, especially Voltaire’s Bastards. He has much to say on the negative effects of specialization for both the individual and society.

    Bookmarked this blog. I’ll be back to see what else you have to say.

  4. Ashe, Master Obsidian! This invitation to deepen our self-awareness and to refine our Mastery of ourselves…it is indeed electrifying. I am excited by the emergence of this blog, thank you for the discussion, and will be following closely, for this exploration speaks to the very journey that I have chosen.

    In community,


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